Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gentle Beauty!

What makes someone or something beautiful?
Is it how you dress it up? NO!
Is it a particular size? NO!
Is it how much makeup you adorn it with? NO!
Going into a textile store is like a candy shop for me. There is beauty everywhere. All colors, sizes, weights and textures. Throughout the history of the world, things that were considered beautiful have looked drastically different.
All types and colors.
I have friends that have been amazing influences in my life. The fabric that I am designing now is representative of my BFF’s from high school. As you can see we were all different hues and I LOVED IT! I thank God that I experienced a wonderful relationship with them.
Beauty is what's in your heart!

This is one of my designs, a toddler dress, made with the "ileeoz" print. I would love to see the wonderful things that you have created with this fabric.
Create with FUN!
You can find this Nursey Rhyme Pom-Pom Quilt at my Etsy shop!


  1. How ADORABLE!!!! I love your items!!!!

  2. Just dropping in:) I love your designs they are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful designs....TFS