Sunday, July 5, 2009

What's Cooking?

Peace and Love everyone.
This is the INTRODUCTION from a book
Titled “Grace”… Quotes & Passages for Heart, Mind, and Soul, Edited by B. C. Aronson
“Try this: Ask several of your friends what “grace” means to them. Guaranteed, each one will have a different interpretation. There is divine grace that manifest itself in the love and mercy of God. There is the grace that we bestow on each other through forgiveness, kindness, and courtesy. There is the grace of style and elegance-as in growing old gracefully. Then there is the grace of movement or action.
One motivation to offer a book about grace is that grace (in any form) seems to be in such short supply in today’s world. Read a newspaper or turn on the television and you’ll see little evidence that compassion, courtesy, and kindness even exist. Look what happens in parking lots when two cars experience a near miss. Look what happens in restaurants when the wrong food is brought to the table. Indeed, most of us are so busy or stressed that there seems to be little time for grace-that is, to reflect on or receive God’s grace, to give grace or to receive the grace of others, or to live and act with grace in everyday life. It’s a loss because grace is one of the best things about life.”
I quote this piece because I like it and because I am thankful for my independence and for life itself. On Yesterday my family and I cooked, ate, ate, ate, ate, rested, laughed, talked, played, watched the tennis match on TV, enjoyed neighbors and of course I sewed a little.
This is what grace is to me!

That was some good cooking! Much Grace and Peace to you.

Proverbs 17:1
Going straight to the grill... Happy 4th of July!

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My daughters designed this pillow...I love it! smile:)

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  1. OMG! I tell you that pillow is too cute!! I love those afro puffs!!